Our small, agile and friendly team are passionate about #DenbighshireVolunteers, celebrating  and supporting volunteers, voluntary and community groups, third sector organisations and social enterprises in Denbighshire and working in partnership to build resilient communities through voluntary action as part of Third Sector Support Wales.  We are also committed to working in partnership with government, public sector organisations and business. So do get in touch! 

Tom Barham

Chief Officer

Email - tom@dvsc.co.uk

Phone - 07376 124535

Ali Carter -

Enterprise & Investment Manager

Email - ali@dvsc.co.uk

Phone - 01824 702441

Lisa Williams -

Operations Manager

Email - lisa@dvsc.co.uk

Phone - 01824 702441

Sherry Weedall -

Wellbeing Partnerships Manager

Email - sherry@dvsc.co.uk

Phone - 01824 702441

Becky Bowcott -

Community Wellbeing Officer

Email - becky@dvsc.co.uk

Phone - 01824 702441

Gareth Jones -

Denbighshire Volunteers Support Officer

Email - gareth@dvsc.co.uk

Phone - 01824 702441

Rhys Hughes -

Enterprise & Learning Officer

Email - rhys@dvsc.co.uk

Phone - 01824 702441

Maisie Bentley -

Impact Administrator

Email - maisie@dvsc.co.uk

Phone - 01824 702441

Veronica Williams -


Email - veronica@dvsc.co.uk

Phone - 01824 702441

Philip Davies - Volunteer


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Hello again … … today we have a small favour to ask. Volunteers, voluntary and community action and the third sector are at the heart of building more sustainable and resilient communities and we need them more than ever.


DVSC receives core funding from the Welsh Government but we need to raise more money so that we can continue to provide excellent sector support - whether you're a volunteer,  voluntary and community group or a third sector organisation.


We can provide a wealth of information and resources and we want to keep our services as accessible as we can, and to reach as many groups as we can.  So we think it’s fair to ask people who visit us often for their help - if they feel able to give it.


Our Sector Support service is resource intensive, but we are investing in it because we believe providing support to volunteers, voluntary and community groups, charities, social enterprises and community interest companies - has to be at the heart of what we do. If you like what we are about, and you want to help support it, our future would be much more secure.

01824 702441



08:30 AM - 04:30 PM


08:30 AM - 04:00 PM


Naylor Leyland Centre,

Well street,

Ruthin, LL15 1AF

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