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Press Release (26) - DVSC Launches a third #COVID 19 Emergency Grant Round To Support the #COVID 19

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DVSC is delighted to launch its third emergency #Covid19 grant round to support recovery and community resilience as we emerge from Lockdown. £26,591 is available to support the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Denbighshire. This new fund has been enabled by Comic Relief from monies raised from the Big Night In.

Helen Wilkinson, DVSC’s Chief Executive commenting on the new grant round:

“It is great to be launching this new grant round. The previous two have been great successes and have helped the voluntary and social enterprise sector here in Denbighshire offer great service in such unprecedented and uncertain times. 15 groups and organisations have so far been funded and over £24,000 distributed. It has been inspirational to see the work being done and this will hopefully continue during this grant round. We have put together a promotional video for this funding opportunity so that we can promote far and wide”

The new grant round offers support to voluntary sector organisations and community groups. Its purpose is to enable those providing vital support to groups such as: people in isolation, the elderly, carers, people struggling to access food etc so that they can continue to receive support as the county emerges from Lockdown.

The grant is available for not-for-profit groups and organisations that are independent of government, private and public sector and registered charities. Applicants will be able to apply for up to £2,000.

Projects must meet one of three funding criteria outlined:

  • Maintain or increase activities that support the vulnerable during the #COVID19 pandemic

  • Ensure voluntary, community and social enterprise groups and organisations have the resources needed to deliver vital services for their communities e.g. volunteer expenses

  • Encourage stringent health and safety protocols for volunteer activities to safeguard volunteers, beneficiaries, and voluntary sector staff, volunteers and beneficiaries, e.g. the purchase of PPE, hand sanitiser

Examples of activities that could be supported:

  • Children survive and thrive - Actions to give children the best start in life and access to opportunities to achieve their potential

  • Gender justice - Actions to improve equality for women and girls

  • A safe place to be - Actions to help vulnerable people improve their circumstances and safety

  • Mental health matters - Actions to enable access to support and increase awareness…and lots more!

DVSC is operating a rapid grant decision-making process with applications considered on a rolling basis until funds are disbursed.

To apply for the grant, fill out DVSC’s online application here. Applicants also benefit from a governance health check and can be signposted to other funding sources.

If you want advice and guidance you contact DVSC’s bilingual Community Support team member, or call him on 01824 702441.

16 Groups and organisations benefitted from the recent Voluntary Services Emergency fund including:

Prestatyn & Meliden Community Action Group (CAG): Increased support in Telephone and Social Media support for young people


Tel: 01745 857 722 / 07741 300 159

St Kentigern Hospice: invest in PPE, Counter Screens and Sanitisers when they open their charity shops.


Tel: 01745 585221/07592 164253

Making Scene CIC: Provide simple workshop plans and materials, challenges, ideas, starting points for creative reminiscence for all care home residents


Tel: 01978861946/07717756385

Cruse Bereavement Care: Cost of staff member to manage the change in service delivery to a more digital offering


Tel: 01492536577/07889756518

Ruthin Branch Vale of Clwyd Foodbank: Pay for increased demand for food as well as for the costs involved in moving premises


Tel: 01824705612/07811195438

Rotary Club of Ruthin: Providing music department at Ysgol Brynhyfryd with music bursaries to disadvantaged students


Tel: 01490460388

St Asaph City Times: Provide financial stability for the paper until advertising revenue picks up again


Tel: 01745583770/07808878842

Rhuddlan Community Centre: Deep clean community centre and put hand sanitiser in to make it better for users


Tel: 01745590892

North Wales Emergency Doctors Service: Purchase lifesaving equipment used in the prehospital 999 emergency setting


Action for Arts Trust: Enable a small team of volunteers to be deployed as befrienders and mentors to Veterans


Shelter Cymru: Staff costs and then organisational overheads

Tel: 01745 361444


Notes to Editors

About DVSC

Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council, DVSC, is the County Voluntary Council operating in Denbighshire. Our mission is to build resilient communities through voluntary action, and social enterprise, provide excellent support for our members and to be an influential voice in Denbighshire and North Wales.

DVSC is the membership body for individual change makers, volunteers, voluntary and community groups, third sector organisations and social enterprises. Through our work we aspire to enhance individual and community wellbeing. We want to encourage people to live well, and age well.

DVSC manages grant distribution to support voluntary action and social enterprise in Denbighshire in ways that enhance individual and community wellbeing.​

Due to the #COVID19 public health emergency there is an urgent need for voluntary and community support throughout Denbighshire to support a #COVID19 Volunteer Community Response that is safe, effective and bolsters community spirit.

DVSC works closely with North Wales CVCs, and is a member of the Wales-wide network of CVCs which in partnership with the Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) forms the partnership that makes up Third Sector Support Wales.

To make sure you are kept up to date when funding opportunities are available subscribe to our mailing list by following the link - Subscribe for News Updates & Bulletins.

For further information contact Helen Wilkinson, DVSC’s Chief Executive on 07713 997 075 or or Vanessa Van Lierde, Marketing and Engagement Lead, on 07483 293 390 or

Follow us on Twitter @DVSC_Wales, LinkedIn, Instagram and like our DVSC Facebook page. You can also find us on YouTube.


Mae'n bleser gan CGGSDd lansio ei drydedd rownd grantiau brys # Covid19 i gefnogi adferiad a gwytnwch cymunedol wrth inni ddod allan o’r cyfnod clo. Mae £26,591 ar gael i gefnogi'r sector menter gwirfoddol, cymunedol a chymdeithasol yn Sir Ddinbych. Mae'r gronfa newydd hon wedi'i galluogi gan Comic Relief o arian a godwyd o'r Big Night In.

Helen Wilkinson, Prif Weithredwr CGGSDd yn rhoi sylwadau ar y rownd grant newydd:

“Mae'n wych ein bod yn lansio'r grant newydd yma. Mae'r ddau flaenorol wedi bod yn lwyddiant mawr ac wedi helpu'r sector menter wirfoddol a chymdeithasol yma yn Sir Ddinbych i gynnig gwasanaeth gwych mewn cyfnod mor ddigynsail ac ansicr. Hyd yn hyn mae 16 o grwpiau a sefydliadau wedi'u hariannu a dros £24,000 wedi’i ddosbarthu. Mae wedi bod yn ysbrydoledig gweld y gwaith yn cael ei wneud a gobeithio y bydd hyn yn parhau yn ystod y grant yma. Rydym wedi llunio fideo hyrwyddo ar gyfer y cyfle cyllido hwn fel y gallwn ei hyrwyddo i pawb sydd ei angen”

Mae'r grant newydd yn cynnig cefnogaeth i sefydliadau'r sector gwirfoddol a grwpiau cymunedol. Ei bwrpas yw galluogi'r rhai sy'n darparu cefnogaeth hanfodol i grwpiau fel: pobl ar wahân, yr henoed, gofalwyr, pobl sy'n ei chael hi'n anodd cael gafael ar fwyd ac ati fel y gallant barhau i dderbyn cefnogaeth wrth i'r sir ddod allan o cyfyngiadau Cofid19

Mae'r grant ar gael ar gyfer grwpiau a sefydliadau dielw sy'n annibynnol ar y llywodraeth, y sector preifat a'r sector cyhoeddus ac elusennau cofrestredig. Bydd ymgeiswyr yn gallu gwneud cais am hyd at £2,000.

Rhaid i brosiectau fodloni un o dri maen prawf cyllido a amlinellir: • Cynnal neu gynyddu gweithgareddau sy'n cefnogi'r bregus yn ystod y pandemig # COVID19 • Sicrhau bod gan grwpiau a sefydliadau menter wirfoddol, cymunedol a chymdeithasol yr adnoddau sydd eu hangen i ddarparu gwasanaethau hanfodol i'w cymunedau e.e. treuliau gwirfoddolwyr • Annog protocolau iechyd a diogelwch llym ar gyfer gweithgareddau gwirfoddol i ddiogelu gwirfoddolwyr, buddiolwyr, a staff, gwirfoddolwyr a buddiolwyr y sector gwirfoddol, e.e. prynu PPE a glanweithydd dwylo

Enghreifftiau o weithgareddau y gellid eu cefnogi:

Mae plant yn goroesi ac yn ffynnu - Camau i roi'r cychwyn gorau mewn bywyd i blant a mynediad at gyfleoedd i gyflawni eu potensial • Cyfiawnder rhyw - Camau i wella cydraddoldeb i fenywod a merched.

Lle diogel i fod - Camau i helpu pobl sy'n agored i niwed i wella eu hamgylchiadau a'u diogelwch • Materion iechyd meddwl - Camau i alluogi mynediad i gefnogaeth a chynyddu ymwybyddiaeth ... a llawer mwy!

Mae CGGSDd yn gweithredu proses benderfynu grantiau cyflym gyda chais yn cael ei ystyried ar sail dreigl nes bod cronfeydd yn cael eu talu. I wneud cais am y grant, llenwch gais ar-lein DVSC yma. Mae ymgeiswyr hefyd yn elwa o wiriad iechyd llywodraethu a gellir eu cyfeirio at ffynonellau cyllid eraill.

Os ydych chi eisiau cyngor ac arweiniad, cysylltwch ag aelod tîm Cymorth Cymunedol dwyieithog DVSC, neu ffoniwch ef ar 01824 702441.

Fe wnaeth 16 grwpiau a sefydliadau elwa o'r gronfa Argyfwng Gwasanaethau Gwirfoddol ddiweddar gan gynnwys:

Prestatyn & Meliden Community Action Group (CAG): Mwy o gefnogaeth mewn cefnogaeth ffôn a Chyfryngau Cymdeithasol i bobl ifanc


Rhif Ffôn: 01745 857 722 / 07741 300 159

Hosbis a Chanolfan Gofal St. Kentigern: Buddsoddi mewn PPE, Gwrth-Sgriniau a glanweithydd dwylo pan fyddant yn agor eu siopau elusennol.


Rhif Ffôn: 01745 585221/07592 164253

Making Scene CIC: Darparu cynlluniau a deunyddiau gweithdy syml, heriau, syniadau, mannau cychwyn ar gyfer hel atgofion creadigol i holl breswylwyr cartrefi gofal


Rhif Ffôn: 01978861946/07717756385

Cruse Bereavement Care: Cost aelod o staff i reoli'r newid wrth ddarparu gwasanaeth mwy digidol


Rhif Ffôn: 01492536577/07889756518

Ruthin Branch Vale of Clwyd Foodbank: Talu am y galw cynyddol am fwyd yn ogystal ag costau sy'n gysylltiedig â symud adeilad


Rhif Ffôn: 01824705612/07811195438

Rotary Club of Ruthin: Rhoi bwrsariaethau cerdd i fyfyrwyr difreintiedig yn yr adran gerddoriaeth yn Ysgol Brynhyfryd


Rhif Ffôn: 01490460388

St Asaph City Times: Rhoi sefydlogrwydd ariannol i'r papur nes bod incwm hysbysebu yn dychwelyd


Rhif Ffôn: 01745583770/07808878842

Rhuddlan Community Centre: Glanhau y canolfan gymunedol a rhoi glanweithydd dwylo i mewn i'w gwneud yn well i ddefnyddwyr


Rhif Ffôn: 01745590892

North Wales Emergency Doctors Service: Prynu offer achub bywyd a ddefnyddir yn y lleoliad argyfwng 999 cyn ysbyty


Action for Arts Trust: Galluogi tîm bach o wirfoddolwyr i gael eu defnyddio fel cyfeillio a mentoriaid i Gyn-filwyr


Shelter Cymru: Costau staff ac yna gorbenion sefydliadol

Tel: 01745 361444


Nodiadau i Olygyddion

Manylion am Gyngor Gwasanaethau Gwirfoddol Sir Ddinbych (CGGSDd)

Manylion am Gyngor Gwasanaethau Gwirfoddol Sir Ddinbych (CGGSDd) CGGSDd yw’r Cyngor Gweithredu Gwirfoddol Sirol sy’n gweithredu yn Sir Ddinbych. Ein cenhadaeth yw creu cymunedau cydnerth trwy weithredu gwirfoddol a mentrau cymdeithasol, darparu cymorth rhagorol i’n haelodau a bod yn llais dylanwadol yn Sir Ddinbych a gogledd Cymru.

CGGSDd yw’r corff aelodaeth i unigolion, gwirfoddolwyr, grwpiau gwirfoddol a chymunedol, mudiadau trydydd sector a mentrau cymdeithasol sydd am greu newid. Ein dyhead yw gwella llesiant unigolion a chymunedau trwy gyfrwng ein gwaith. Rydym ni am annog pobl i fyw’n dda, a heneiddio’n dda.

Mae CGGSDd yn rheoli dosbarthu grantiau i gefnogi gweithredu gwirfoddol a mentrau cymdeithasol yn Sir Ddinbych mewn modd sy’n gwella lles unigolion a chymunedol.

Yn sgîl yr argyfwng iechyd cyhoeddus #COVID19 mae angen brys am gymorth a chefnogaeth gwirfoddol a chymunedol ledled Sir Ddinbych i gefnogi Ymateb Gwirfoddolwyr yn y Gymuned i COVID19 sy’n ddiogel, yn effeithiol ac yn cryfhau’r ysbryd cymunedol.

Mae CGGSDd yn gweithio’n agos gyda Chynghorau Gweithredu Gwirfoddol Sirol eraill gogledd Cymru, ac mae’n aelod o rwydwaith Cymru gyfan sydd, mewn partneriaeth gyda Chyngor Gweithredu Gwirfoddol Cymru, yn ffurfio’r bartneriaeth sy’n llunio Cefnogi Trydydd Sector Cymru.

Er mwyn gwneud yn siwr eich bod chi’n cael y manylion diweddaraf pan fo cyfleoedd cyllid ar gael, gwnewch yn siwr eich bod yn tanysgrifio i’n rhestr bostio trwy ddilyn y ddolen – Tanysgrifio ar gyfer Diweddariadau Newyddion a Bwletinau.

Os hoffech gael rhagor o wybodaeth cysylltwch gyda Helen Wilkinson, Prif Weithredwr CGGSDd, 01824 702 441 neu 07713 997 075 neu Vanessa Van Lierde, Arweinydd Marchnata ac Ymgysylltu ar 07483 293 390 neu

Dilynwch ni ar Trydar @DVSC_Wales, LinkedIn, Instagram a hoffwch ein tudalen Facebook CGGSDd. Gallwch hefyd ddod o hyd i ni ar YouTube.


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