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Employer Supported Volunteering and Skilled Volunteers / Gwirfoddolwyr medrus a gwirfoddolwyr sy’n c

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Today’s theme is about employer supported volunteering and volunteering your high value skills to help create social value in your community.

  • Do you volunteer through your employer or profession?

  • Are you an employer who supports your staff to volunteer?

  • Do you work with employers or corporate supporters?

Then today is the day to get involved and tell us all the great things you have been doing throughout the year.

"Volunteers are the lifeblood of the effort to recover from a crisis period. Everyone has a skill or ability they can offer, even for just a couple of minutes a day you can make the most phenomenal difference to someone’s life. This is why volunteering in our community is of crucial importance to Gamlins Law and HR Anchor during this difficult period. Its not just about giving back, it’s about making sure our communities survive this crisis."

Elissa Thursfield, Solicitor and Partner of HR Anchor and Gamlins Law

"Volunteering is a great way of supporting others whilst learning new skills. From being a voluntary trustee at DVSC. I have worked with the other trustees to support the CEO. I have learnt how a board can make decisions on budgets, staffing and overall direction of DVSC as well as making new friends. Finally , I would recommend anyone with transferable skills to volunteer because of the value you both give and receive in learnings is immense."

Owain Williams, Chair Trustee of DVSC

During the day we are inviting people who volunteer through their employer to share the difference volunteering has made to them and we are encouraging employers to use their preferred social media to share the ways that volunteering improves their ways of working. We are also asking skilled volunteers to talk about the ways their volunteering is making a difference.

“DVSC has been really lucky to have benefitted from the contribution of highly skilled volunteers in the last year with new trustees with particular professional skills and expertise joining our Board and the support of two companies who have worked with us in the last year. These skilled volunteer hours have created social and financial value for us as an organisation, contributing to our own sustainability and resilience and enabling us to provide better and more effective services to our stakeholders. Thank you for volunteering and supporting our movement for positive change in Denbighshire.”

Helen Wilkinson, Chief Executive of DVSC

Join us on social media and share your stories and insights to inspire others!

Below you can read two case studies of skilled volunteers and employer enabled volunteering which have benefitted DVSC and our stakeholders enormously. Find out about the volunteer hours and financial value, not to mention the social value, DVSC partners have contributed through employer supported volunteering to support DVSC’s core mission and enable us to develop and improve the services and support we can offer!

Case Study -

Volunteering and the Legal Sector

by Elissa Thursfield, Padrtner of HR Anchor and Gamlins Law

Whilst my ‘day job’ is working as an Employment expert within a large North Wales firm and building our new HR Company, HR Anchor, the reality is I have been a volunteer in some capacity or other for over half my life.

When working from home I am on call 24/7 as a Helmsman for my local RNLI station. I have previously been a volunteer on the RNLI National Flood Rescue Team, a volunteer Press Officer and since 2018 a Community First Responder.

People often ask where do I find the time, I have a demanding job, often a long commute and significant commitments at home. The answer is, if you build volunteering into the very fabric of your life, finding the time doesn’t really become an issue. It becomes part of who you are and simply part of life.

It has therefore been very important to me to ensure that volunteering and pro bono is something that is at the core of the services I offer in my day job. This has meant over the last 3 months of lockdown providing free advice to individuals who have lost their jobs, cannot pay their mortgages and worry about feeding their families.

It has meant providing free advice and support to family businesses who for the first time in decades are having to consider redundancies and the prospect of closure.

It is crucial that the rules are followed, even in the most difficult of times. A bad situation can be made even worse by legal claims against a struggling business, coupled with legal fees and the prospect financial liability for months to come.

Furlough, redundancy processes, return to work steps, risk assessment and health and safety matters are going to be serious issues for many months to come.

As a result and to help businesses who may feel reluctant to ask a solicitor for free assistance

we created Gamlins Hub is an entirely free resource updated regularly with guidance, up to date information (usually within a couple of hours of a Government announcement), training videos and sample documentation.

Don’t forget, asking for help can often be a demonstration of strength. It shows you have assessed a situation and realise that there is an available solution.


Every organisation needs the best HR and legal advice.

We are delighted to promote an EXCLUSIVE Special Offer for DVSC members and partners. If you sign up for a 2 year retainer with HR Anchor DVSC members and partners will receive 4 months of the 24 month retainer FREE. Contact for your bespoke quote!

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Case Study -

CPC Project Services

CPC are a consultancy that is a delivery partner for the Wales Cooperative Centre Social Business Growth programme. DVSC has benefitted from that programme of support in the last year providing support to embed project management and support culture change as part of improving organisational performance and succession planning.

On top of their 7 days of paid work with DVSC, the CPC team went above and beyond in response to our pressing need, and requests for support, contributing an extra 7.25 volunteer days on an 8 hour working day, contributing an amazing 58 volunteer hours, at an hourly rate of £90 amounting to a financial contribution of £5,220. The social value of their contribution is still reverberating as we embark on our journey of culture change and improvement!

This voluntary contribution was enabled by employer supported volunteering and the contribution of 3 highly skilled volunteers:

  • Mike Hughes (3 days), CPC Partner and Project Lead

  • Laurence Darley (3 days)

  • Will Thomas (1.25 days)

Helen Wilkinson, Chief Executive of DVSC says:

“The voluntary contribution of CPC was significant and has really helped DVSC develop as an organisation. We are enormously grateful to them for this. We will be reporting the financial value of this volunteer contribution in our annual Impact report, and will be extending our thanks to CPC Project Services via social media to raise the profile of businesses doing good businesses to support positive change in communities."

For the latest updates, follow CPC on Twitter and LinkedIn

If these stories have inspired you to use your skills in a voluntary capacity, or have encouraged you to explore what you might be able to do as a volunteer and how you can use your skills to help others contact our Community Support Team on 01824 702 441, or better still register your interest in volunteering directly on #DenbighshireVolunteers.

Alternatively if you are an employer and interested to discuss how you can support your employees to volunteer, and how you can developing an employer supported volunteer programme or work with DVSC and our members contact and we can advise you further.

Sign up for free and become a member of DVSC. Join a movement for positive change in Denbighshire and help conserve planet earth for future generations!

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Thema heddiw ydi gwirfoddoli a gefnogir gan gyflogwyr a gwirfoddoli eich sgiliau medru i gynorthwyo i greu gwerth cymdeithasol yn eich cymuned.

  • Ydych chi’n gwirfoddoli drwy gyflogwr neu broffesiwn?

  • Ydych chi’n gyflogwr sy’n helpu’ch staff i wirfoddoli?

  • Ydych chi’n gweithio gyda chyflogwyr neu gefnogwyr corfforaethol?

Os felly, heddiw yw’r diwrnod i chi gymryd rhan a dweud wrthym ni am yr holl bethau gwych rydych chi wedi bod yn eu gwneud drwy gydol y flwyddyn

"Gwirfoddolwyr ydi asgwrn cefn yr ymdrech i adfer o’r cyfnod argyfwng. Mae gan bawb sgil neu allu y medrant ei gynnig, hyd yn oed am ychydig o funudau’r diwrnod, ac fe fedrwch chi wneud gwahaniaeth aruthrol i fywyd rhywun. Dyna pam mae gwirfoddoli yn ein cymuned yn hanfodol bwysig i Gamlins Law, y mudiad angori Adnoddau Dynol, yn ystod y cyfnod anodd hwn. Nid yw’n ymwneud â rhoi’n ôl, mae’n ymwneud â sicrhau bod ein cymunedau’n goroesi’r argyfwng hwn."

Elissa Thursfield, Cyfreithiwr a Phartner yn Gamlins Law a HR Anchor

"Mae gwirfoddoli yn ffordd wych o gefnogi eraill wrth ddysgu sgiliau newydd. O fod yn ymddiriedolwr gwirfoddol yng Nghyngor Gwasanaethau Gwirfoddol Sir Dinbych rwyf wedi gweithio gyda'r ymddiriedolwyr eraill i gefnogi'r Prif Swyddog Gweithredol Rwyf wedi dysgu sut y gall bwrdd wneud penderfyniadau ar gyllidebau, staffio a chyfeiriad cyffrefonol CGGSDd yn ogystal â gwneud ffrindiau newydd. Yn olaf, byddwn yn argymell bod unrhyw un sydd â sgiliau trosglwyddadwy i wirfoddoli oherwydd y gwerth rydych chi'n ei roi a'i dderbyn mewn dysgu, yn aruthrol."

Owain Williams Cadeirydd Ymddiriedolwr CGGSDd

Yn ystod y dydd, ewch ati i wahodd y rheini sy’n gwirfoddoli drwy eu cyflogwr i rannu’r gwahaniaeth mae gwirfoddoli wedi’i wneud iddyn nhw, neu i annog cyflogwyr i ddefnyddio cyfryngau cymdeithasol i rannu sut mae gwirfoddoli yn gwella eu dulliau gweithio. Gofynnwch i wirfoddolwyr medrus sôn am sut mae eu gwaith gwirfoddol yn gwneud gwahaniaeth.

"Mae Cyngor Gwasanaeth Gwirfoddol Sir Ddinbych wedi bod yn ffodus iawn i elwa o gyfraniad gwirfoddolwyr sgiliedig iawn yn ystod y flwyddyn ddiwethaf, gydag ymddiriedolwyr newydd yn meddu ar sgiliau ac arbenigedd proffesiynol penodol wedi ymuno â'n Bwrdd a chefnogaeth dau gwmni sydd wedi gweithio gyda ni yn ystod y flwyddyn ddiwethaf. Mae'r oriau gwirfoddoli sgiliedig hyn wedi creu gwerth cymdeithasol ac ariannol i ni fel sefydliad, gan gyfrannu at ein cydnerthedd a'n cynaliadwyedd a'n galluogi i ddarparu gwasanaethau gwell a mwy effeithiol i'n rhanddeiliaid. Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi am wirfoddoli a chefnogi ein mudiad er newid cadarnhaol yn Sir Ddinbych."

Helen Wilkinson, Prif Weithredwr CGGSDd

Ymunwch â ni ar gyfryngau cymdeithasol a rhannwch eich straeon a'ch mewnwelediadau i ysbrydoli eraill!

Isod cewch ddarllen dwy astudiaeth achos am wirfoddolwyr sgiliedig a gwirfoddoli gyda chefnogaeth cyflogwyr y mae CGGSDd a'n rhanddeiliaid wedi elwa'n fawr onhonyn nhw. Dysgwch am yr oriau gwirfoddoli a'r gwerth ariannol, ynghyd â'r gwerth cymdeithasol, y mae partneriaid CGGSDd wedi'u cyfrannu trwy wirfoddoli gyda chefnogaeth cyflogwr i gefnogi cenhadaeth graidd CGGSDd a'n galluogi ni i ddatblygu a gwella'r gwasanaethau a'r cymorth a gynigiwn!

Astudiaeth Achos –

Gwirfoddoli a’r Sector Cyfreithiol

gan Elissa Thursfield, Partner yn Gamlins Law a HR Anchor

Fy swydd ‘yn ystod y dydd’ ydi gweithio fel arbenigwr Cyflogaeth mewn cwmni cyfreithiol mawr yng ngogledd Cymru a chreu ein cwmni adnoddau dynol newydd, HR Anchor, ond rydw i hefyd wedi bod yn wirfoddolwr mewn rhyw fodd neu’i gilydd dros hanner fy oes.

Pan rydw i’n gweithio gartref rydw i ar alwad 24/7 fel llywiwr fy ngorsaf bad achub RNLI lleol. Rydw i wedi bod yn wirfoddolwr gyda Thîm Achub Llifogydd Cenedlaethol RNLI yn flaenorol, Swyddog y Wasg gwirfoddol ac yn Ymatebwr Cymunedol Cyntaf ers 2018.

Yn aml mae pobl yn gofyn sut mae gen i’r amser, mae gen i swydd brysur, rydw i’n teithio cryn bellter gyda fy ngwaith ac mae gen i ymrwymiadau arwyddocaol adref. Yr ateb ydi, os ydych chi’n cynnwys gwirfoddoli fel rhan sylfaenol o’ch bywyd chi, dydi canfod yr amser ddim yn broblem. Mae’n rhan o bwy ydych chi ac yn rhan o fywyd.

Felly mae wedi bod yn bwysig iawn i mi sicrhau bod gwirfoddoli a gwaith ‘pro bono’ yn rhywbeth sydd wrth graidd y gwasanaethau rwy’n eu cynnig yn fy swydd dyddiol. Mae hyn wedi golygu, yn ystod tri mis diwethaf y cyfyngiadau symud, darparu cyngor am ddim i bobl sydd wedi colli eu swyddi, sy’n methu â thalu eu morgais ac yn poeni ynghylch bwydo eu teuluoedd.

Mae wedi golygu darparu cyngor a chymorth am ddim i fusnesau teuluoedd sydd, am y tro cyntaf mewn degawdau, yn gorfod ystyried dileu swyddi a hyd yn oed gau’r busnes.

Mae’n hanfodol y dilynnir y rheolau, hyd yn oed yn ystod yr amseroedd anoddaf. Gellir gwneud sefyllfa anodd hyd yn oed yn waeth gan hawliadau cyfreithiol yn erbyn busnes sy’n wynebu anawsterau, ynghyd â’r ffioedd cyfreithiol a’r rhagolygon o atebolrwydd ariannol am fisoedd i ddod.

Mae ffyrlo, prosesau dileu swyddi, camau dychwelyd i weithio, asesiadau risg a materion iechyd a diogelwch yn mynd i fod yn faterion difrifol am nifer o fisoedd yn y dyfodol.

O ganlyniad i hyn, ac er mwyn helpu busnesau a allai deimlo’n bryderus gofyn i gyfreithiwr am gymorth am ddim, rydym ni wedi creu Mae ‘Gamlins Hub’ yn adnodd am ddim sy’n cael ei ddiweddaru’n rheolaidd gydag arweiniad, y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf (yn arferol o fewn ychydig oriau ar ôl cyhoeddiad gan y Llywodraeth), fideos hyfforddiant a dogfennau enghreifftiol.

Cofiwch, yn aml mae gofyn am gymorth yn dangos cryfder. Mae’n dangos eich bod chi wedi asesu’r sefyllfa ac yn sylweddoli bod modd datrys y sefyllfa.



Mae pob sefydliad angen y cyngor Adnoddau Dynol a chyfreithiol gorau.

Mae’n bleser gennym nihyrwyddo cynnig arbennig i aelodau aphartneriaid CGGSDd YN UNIG.

Os ydych chi’n cofrestru ar gyfergwasanaeth cadw am ddwy flynedd gydachwmni angori Adnoddau Dynol CGGSDd bydd aelodau a phartneriaid yn derbyn 4 mis o’r cyfnod gwasanaeth cadw AM DDIM.

Cysylltwch gydag i gael dyfynbris wedi’i deilwra i chi!

Am y diweddariadau diweddaraf, dilynwch Gamlins Law ar Twitter a LinkedIn a hoffwch eu tudalen Facebook. A dilynwch HR Anchor ar LinkedIn a hoffwch eu tudalen Facebook.

Astudiaeth Achos -

CPC Project Services

Ymgynghoreiaeth ydi CPC sy’n bartner cyflawni rhaglen Twf Busnes Cymdeithas Canolfan Gydweithredol Cymru. Mae CGGSDd wedi elwa o’r rhaglen gymorth hon yn ystod y flwyddyn ddiwethaf, yn darparu cefnogaeth i wreiddio gweithredu dull rheoli prosiect a chefnogi newid diwylliant fel rhan o wella perfformiad y sefydliad a chynllunio olyniaeth.

Aeth tîm CPC y filltir ychwanegol, y tu hwnt i'w 7 diwrnod o waith taledig gyda CGGSDd, mewn ymateb i’n hanghenion ni a’n ceisiadau am gymorth, gan gyfrannu 7.25 diwrnod gwirfoddoli ychwanegol ar ben diwrnod gwaith 8 awr, cyfrannu 58 o oriau gwirfoddoli, sydd ar gyfradd o £90 yr awr yn cyfateb i gyfraniad ariannol o £5,220. Mae gwerth cymdeithasol eu cyfraniad yn parhau i dreiddio trwy’n mudiad wrth i ni ddechrau ar daith wella a newid diwylliant!

Cafodd y cyfraniad gwirfoddol hwn ei alluogi gan wirfoddoli dan gefnogaeth cyflogwr, a chyfraniad 3 gwirfoddolwr sgiliedig iawn:

  • Mike Hughes (3 diwrnod), Partner CPC ac Arweinydd Prosiect

  • Laurence Darley (3 diwrnod)

  • Will Thomas (1.25 diwrnod)

Dywedodd Helen Wilkinson, Prif Weithredwr CGGSDd:

“Roedd cyfraniad gwirfoddol CPC yn arwyddocaol a gwnaeth gynorthwyo CGGSDd i ddatblygu fel mudiad. Rydym ni’n arbennig o ddiolchgar iddyn nhw am hyn. Byddwn yn hysbysu am werth ariannol y cyfraniad gwirfoddol hwn yn ein hadroddiad effaith blynyddol, ac yn estyn ein diolchiadau i CPC Project Services trwy’r cyfryngau cymdeithasol i gynyddu proffil busnesau sy’n gwneud gwaith da fel hyn i gefnogi newid cadarnhaol mewn cymunedau."

Am y diweddariadau diweddaraf, dilynwch CPC ymlaen Twitter a LinkedIn

Os yw’r straeon hyn wedi’ch hysbrydoli chi i ddefnyddio eich sgiliau yn wirfoddol, neu wedi eich hannog chi i ystyried beth allech chi ei wneud fel gwirfoddolwr a sut y medrwch chi ddefnyddio eich sgiliau i helpu eraill, cysylltwch gyda’n Tîm Cymorth Cymunedol ar 01824 702 441, neu’n well fyth cofrestrwch eich diddordeb mewn gwirfoddoli yn uniongyrchol ar wefan #GwirfoddolwyrSirDdinbych. .

Ar y llaw arall, os ydych chi’n gyflogwr â diddordeb mewn trafod sut y medrwch chi gefnogi eich cyflogeion i wirfoddoli, a sut y medrwch chi ddatblygu rhaglen wirfoddoli a gefnogir gan y cyflogwr neu weithio gyda CGGSDd a’n haelodau ni, cysylltwch gyda a medrwn roi rhagor o gyngor i chi.

Cofrestrwch am ddim a dewch yn aelod o CGGSDd. Ymaelodwch gyda mudiad er budd newid cadarnhaol yn Sir Ddinbych a helpu i warchod y blaned ar gyfer cenedlaethau’r dyfodol! ​​

Tanysgrifiwch am ein diweddariadau newyddion: a dilynwch ni ar Trydar @DVSC_Wales, LinkedIn, Instagram a hoffwch ein tudalen Facebook CGGSDd. Gallwch hefyd ddod o hyd i ni ar You Tube.

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