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#DenbighshireVolunteers Third Sector Network meeting 10.04.19 - Update

The aim of #DenbighshireVolunteers Third Sector Network is to proactively lead on and facilitate initiatives to improve the involvement of volunteers in Denbighshire. The group will focus on a number of key areas such as increasing the pool of volunteers, establishing good practice in relation to volunteer involvement and raising the profile of volunteering and the third sector among key stakeholders.

Membership of the Network is open to representatives of Third Sector organisations in Denbighshire and volunteers from these organisations including but not limited to DVSC members. The network is open to all third sector organisations, social enterprises and community groups operating in Denbighshire.

If you are a Partner and wish to engage DVSC and its members for feedback on an issue or service, you can contact us by emailing to propose the agenda item. Where possible, we will facilitate partner requests by scheduling specific agenda items in an Open Session at the start of the meeting. Partners can attend for the Open Session only.

We want to extend a massive thanks to everyone who came to the Naylor Leyland Centre in Ruthin for the #DenbighshireVolunteers Third Sector Network meeting. There was good attendance from our regulars and it was great to welcome some new attendees. This is a really fantastic network which we hope goes from strength to strength. The feedback following the meeting has been positive so please keep spreading the word.

For those of you not able to come we discussed a range of agenda items. Please read the agenda attached here.

We started by welcoming Don Jackson-Wyatt to his Marketing and Engagement Officer role and congratulated Julie Pierce on her promotion as Wellbeing lead.

Update on DVSC's Dementia Aware Community led grants.

The grant process has now closed and the next round of grants will be launched at the Dementia Aware Denbighshire Network event which we are hosting on the

22nd of May 2019. (Please book here) The information will soon be on a new grants page section of the website. If you want to find more before please call us on 01824 702 441. Please subscribe for news updates or follow us on social media if you want to keep us informed.

The Community Mapping Exercise is still underway with an online survey, physical copies of which were handed out during the meeting. We are wanting to understand which communities and localities are already Dementia Aware and are the pacesetters, as well as the areas where there is work to be done. We have our own insights and intelligence about this but we are also working with Ruth Eley from Life Story Network who is working alongside the DVSC team doing more detailed research.

She has been doing some telephone interviews and is keen to speak with people willing to share their views.

DVSC Chief Executive, Helen Wilkinson told the Network; "We want to work with our members, partners and stakeholders and the general public to raise awareness around Dementia and to convert that awareness into action. We are also hoping to generate some referrals into Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friendly Communities recognition programme (where appropriate).

Part of our ambition is to generate awareness amongst the general population not just our member organisations. We encourage you to share the information, get involved and ask people to take part in completing the survey, as it will inform our work moving forward."

Anyone interested in contributing to the Community Mapping exercise Life Story are undertaking on our behalf are encouraged to contact Ruth at Life Story on:

We then went on to have a brainstorm about one of our most crucial events of the year for #DenbighshireVolunteers

Volunteers Week – 1-7th June 2019

This is a key week for DVSC because we join forces with our partners in Third Sector Support Wales and nationwide to celebrate the vital contribution that volunteers make in Denbighshire and beyond. Our role is to act as a hub for #DenbighshireVolunteers and we are involved in a range of events and activities.

More details on these soon so keep your eyes peeled on social media!

Our role is to act as catalysts and to amplify the activities that are taking place across the County. So we are effectively only as good as the information we receive from you all! So please share your plans with us and let's make this a great big celebration of #DenbighshireVolunteers

On Saturday June 8th, the day after the week-long celebration, DVSC is partnering with Community Heart Productions to organise a volunteer led plastic pick up on the beach in West Rhyl. Together, we are drawing attention to World Ocean Day, the day after Volunteers Week officially comes to an end, because we want to keep the volunteer spirit going. The meeting point is near the Vue Cinema at 10am and providing free refreshments for all volunteers at 11.30am. Everyone is welcome to join and help!

We also asked people to share their plans for Volunteers Week, and talked about some events we could collaborate with, alongside events you are all working on or taking part in so that we can promote them on our social media platforms and website.

#teamDVSC then facilitated a brainstorm about potential ideas for Volunteers Week and it was great to capture on the flip chart some fantastic ideas which centred around social media. We will try to build these ideas into our #DenbighshireVolunteers social media campaign.

Looking ahead, we ask everyone to be proactive on the various social media platforms whilst tagging us, and we will share and retweet. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to promote your event.

We also had some great comments and challenge from a local volunteer, Mair Davies talking about the Nature to Health programme and the Repair Café as they are hoping to collaborate with the various volunteer groups in the area. Helen advised Mair to send us more information so we could see how we might be able to support or signpost them.

Helen explained that: "DVSC is a small organization which is a hub and a catalyst as well as a voice for the sector, and we are also happy to hear specific asks and see if we can work together. Whilst we can’t do funding bids on behalf of an organization as we don't have these resources but we host funding surgeries and provide access to advice and support, and facilitate networking and learning opportunities. We always try to do what we can, and if we cannot directly help, we signpost to other organisations that can assist or highlight other opportunities. We also have assets and space to use here at the Naylor Leyland Centre and are always keen to talk to people about partnership.

Anyone hosting any activities/events during Volunteers Week please email Don, or call him on 01824 709334 so these can be included in DVSC's Volunteers week Press Release and Bulletin.

Anyone with ideas for Volunteers Week are encouraged to contact DVSC

News headlines on other things discussed:

  • Some DVSC team members will be #volunteering with Denbigh in Bloom during #VolunteersWeek and assisting with the continuing work around the flowerbeds of Denbigh. And some of us have plans to support some community led volunteer action in Ruthin

  • DVSC will be doing a shout out for #DenbighshireVolunteers and will be promoting ICAN volunteering for Ysbyty Glan Clwyd site in Volunteers Week as they are the site currently low on numbers. DVSC, ICAN and Lon Mosely agreed that they would meet to discuss the potential opportunity in collaborating for Volunteers week in June)

  • Woodland Skills Centre in Bodfari will also supply DVSC with details about their volunteering opportunities and DVSC will promote this through our social media platforms and network. All members are encouraged to register their volunteering opportunities via

  • The Wales Cooperative Centre and DVSC also agreed that they would collaborate to provide digital inclusion training for volunteers which could also be used as an opportunity to show people how to use the digital tools on and InfoEngine. The aim is to have more training before the end of June and to offer this training through Open Doors after the 1st July.

After the brainstorm, Helen Wilkinson directed the discussion towards newly redesigned public facing website - and showed the great digital tools available to volunteer.

The aim of the new site is to engage people who are looking for a great volunteering opportunity across Denbighshire in a friendly way, and to raise their awareness about DVSC and the networks and support we can offer. It’s also a fantastic platform for volunteering organisations and to promote their opportunities.

The website was designed to be easy to use and read, and as jargon free as we can make it.

We'd welcome suggestions for further improvement as it is a work in progress. We also have a Welsh language version to cater for volunteers and organisations in line with our Welsh Language Statement and Action Plan.

We hope that over time will soon become the natural home for #DenbighshireVolunteers so we need to ensure that the website is used as much as possible. It really is a great channel to market and seek to recruit volunteers.


A first for the #DenbighshireVolunteers Third Sector Network meetings at DVSC, was a visit from the newly appointed High Sheriff of Clwyd, Stephanie Catherall, who gave us a brief insight into her role and also touched on the High Sheriff Awards The role of High Sheriff is over 1000 years old and Stephanie was actually appointed to the role by the Queen. Stephanie prides herself on her business background and is keen to develop links between local business and the voluntary and community sector in the year of her appointment.

The High Sheriff hopes to support Helen and DVSC moving forward culminating in the High Sheriff Awards, which is the last event of her year in office in March 2020. She is keen to raise awareness about the awards - hence her early bird visit to Denbighshire at Helen's invitation. As High Sheriff, Stephanie encourages nominations from community organisations to recognise volunteers in each county and will work closely with all County Voluntary Councils in North Wales to get nomination forms out from around Sept with the closing date for nominations being nearer to the end of the year.

Helen advised the Network: 'Please keep an eye open for the nomination process to begin as we can't underestimate how touched people are when they are nominated. A small act of generosity can really make a difference to people volunteering and it is important we celebrate and recognise their contribution. When you are out meeting people that are doing life changing things, think about them as potential nominees for the High Sheriff awards!'

The next meeting of the #DenbighshireVolunteers Network is 4th September 2019. The link to the draft agenda is here. If you have any agenda items for our next meeting or wish to make a presentation about your project or a pitch about an idea please email us at

Please keep the ideas and information about activities for Volunteers Week coming in!


All meetings to be held at DVSC, Naylor Leyland Centre unless otherwise noted.

#DenbighshireVolunteers Third Sector Network 10am – 11.30am

4th September 2019

29th January 2020

Book for here our next meeting or call 01824 702441 to register your interest.

# CyfarfodRhwydwaith Trydydd Sector Gwirfoddolwyr Sir Ddinbych 10.04.19 - Diweddariad

Hoffem ddweud diolch enfawr wrth bawb a ddaeth i Ganolfan Naylor Leyland yn Rhuthun i gyfarfod Rhwydwaith Trydydd Sector #GwirfoddolwyrSirDdinbych. Roedd presenoldeb da o blith ein mynychwyr rheolaidd ac roedd yn wych croesawu pobl newydd. Mae’n rhwydwaith rhagorol a gobeithiwn y bydd yn mynd o nerth i nerth. Mae’r adborth ar ôl y cyfarfod wedi bod yn gadarnhaol, felly daliwch ati i ledaenu’r neges.

I’r rhai ohonoch na lwyddodd i ddod, gwnaethom drafod ystod o eitemau agenda. Cewch ddarllen yr agenda yma.

Dechreuwyd trwy groesawu Don Jackson-Wyatt i’w swydd fel Swyddog Marchnata ac Ymgysylltu a llongyfarchwyd Julie Pierce ar ei dyrchafiad fel Swyddog Arweiniol Llesiant.

Diweddariad ar grantiau Ymwybyddiaeth Demensia dan arweiniad y Gymuned CGGSDd.

Mae’r broses grantiau wedi cau a bydd y rownd nesaf o grantiau’n cael ei lansio yn nigwyddiad Rhwydwaith Dementia Ymwybodol Sir Ddinbych y byddwn yn ei gynnal ar 22 Mai 2019. (Trefnwch eich lle yn y digwyddiad yma) Bydd y manylion ar adran tudalen grantiau newydd y wefan yn fuan. Os hoffech chi ddysgu rhagor cyn hynny, ffoniwch ni ar 01824 702 441. Tanysgrifiwch i gael diweddariadau newyddion neu dilynwch ni ar y cyfryngau cymdeithasol os ydych chi am wybod y diweddaraf.

Mae’r Ymarfer Mapio’r Gymuned yn parhau, gyda holiadur ar-lein, a rhannwyd copïau caled yn ystod y cyfarfod. Rydym ni eisiau deall pa gymunedau a chymdogaethau sydd eisoes yn ymwybodol o ddementia ac sy’n arwain, yn ogystal â’r ardaloedd hynny lle mae angen gwneud mwy o waith. Mae gennym ni ein gwybodaeth ein hunain am hyn, ond rydym ni hefyd yn gweithio gyda Ruth Eley o Life Story Network sy’n cydweithio ochr yn ochr â thîm CGGSDd i wneud gwaith ymchwil manylach. Mae hi wedi gwneud rhai cyfweliadau dros y ffôn ac mae’n awyddus i siarad gyda phobl sy’n barod i rannu eu barn.

Dywedodd Helen Wilkinson, Prif Weithredwr CGGSDd, wrth y Rhwydwaith: “Rydym ni am weithio gyda’n haelodau, partneriaid a rhanddeiliaid a’r cyhoedd i gynyddu ymwybyddiaeth ynghylch demensia a throi’r ymwybyddiaeth yn weithredu. Rydym ni hefyd yn gobeithio ysgogi cyfeirio cymunedau at raglen gydnabyddiaeth Deall Demensia y Gymdeithas Alzheimer (lle bo’n briodol).

Rhan o’n huchelgais yw creu ymwybyddiaeth ymlith y boblogaeth gyffredinol ac nid ein haelod fudiadau’n unig. Rydym ni’n eich annog chi i rannu’r wybodaeth, cymryd rhan a gofyn i bobl gymryd rhan trwy lenwi’r holiadur, gan y bydd hyn yn hysbysu ein gwaith wrth i ni symud ymlaen.”

Anogir unrhyw un â diddordeb mewn cyfrannu i’r ymarfer Mapio’r Gymuned mae Life Story yn ei wneud ar ein rhan i gysylltu gyda Ruth yn Life Story:

Yna buom yn rhannu syniadau ynghylch un o’n digwyddiadau pwysicaf yn y flwyddyn i #GwirfoddolwyrSirDdinbych.

Wythnos Gwirfoddolwyr – 1-7 Mehefin 2019

Mae hon yn wythnos allweddol i CGGSDd gan ein bod ni’n ymuno gyda’n partneriaid yn Cefnogi Trydydd Sector Cymru a thrwy Brydain i ddathlu cyfraniad hanfodol bwysig gwirfoddolwyr yn Sir Ddinbych a thu hwnt. Ein rôl yw gweithredu fel canolbwynt ar gyfer #GwirfoddolwyrSirDdinbych ac rydym ni’n cymryd rhan mewn amrywiaeth o ddigwyddiadau a gweithgareddau.

Rhagor o fanylion am y rhain yn fuan, felly cadwch eich llygaid ar y cyfryngau cymdeithasol!

Ein swyddogaeth ydi gweithredu fel catalydd a gwneud y mwyaf o’r gweithgareddau sy’n digwydd ar draws y sir. Ond rydym ni gystal â’r wybodaeth rydym ni’n ei derbyn gennych chi yn unig! Felly rhannwch eich cynlluniau gyda ni a gadewch i ni gael dathliad mawr i glodfori #GwirfoddolwyrSirDdinbych.

Ddydd Sadwrn, 8 Mehefin, y diwrnod ar ôl y dathliad wythnos o hyd, mae CGGSDd yn bartner gyda Community Heart Productions i drefnu casglu sbwriel plastig oddi ar y traeth yng ngorllewin y Rhyl. Gyda’n gilydd rydym ni’n tynnu sylw at Ddiwrnod Môr y Byd, y diwrnod ar ôl i Wythnos Gwirfoddolwyr ddarfod yn swyddogol, gan ein bod ni am i ni gadw’r ysbryd gwirfoddoli’n fyw. Y man cyfarfod ydi ger sinema Vue am 10am a bydd paned a lluniaeth ysgafn am ddim i’r holl wirfoddolwyr am 11.30am. Mae croeso i bawb ymuno a helpu!

Hefyd gwnaethom ofyn i bobl rannu eu cynlluniau ar gyfer Wythnos Gwirfoddolwyr, a sgwrsio am rai digwyddiadau y gallem ni gydweithio gyda nhw, ochr yn ochr â’r digwyddiadau rydych chi’n gweithio arnyn nhw neu’n cymryd rhan ynddyn nhw fel y medrwn ni eu hyrwddo ar ein cyfryngau cymdeithasol a’n gwefan.

Yna gwnaeth #tîmCGGSDd hwyluso sesiwn pentyrru syniadau ynghylch syniadau potensial ar gyfer Wythnos Gwirfoddolwyr ac roedd yn wych casglu syniadau cyffrous ar y siart troi yn canolbwyntio ar y cyfryngau cymdeithasol. Gwnawn geisio cynnwys y syniadau hyn yn ein hymgyrch cyfryngau cymdeithasol #GwirfoddolwyrSirDdinbych.

Gan edrych ymlaen, gofynnwn i bawb fod yn rhagweithiol ar y gwahanol blatfformau cyfryngau cymdeithasol trwy ein tagio ni, ac fe wnawn ni rannu ac aildrydar. Mae croeso i chi gysylltu gyda ni os hoffech chi i ni hyrwyddo eich digwyddiad chi.

Hefyd cawsom sylwadau gwych a her gan wirfoddolwr lleol, Mair Davies, yn siarad am y rhaglen Natur at Iechyd a’r Caffi Adfer lle maen nhw’n gobeithio cydweithio gyda’r gwahanol grwpiau gwirfoddolwyr yn yr ardal. Cynghorodd Helen y dylai Mair anfon rhagor o wybodaeth atom ni fel ein bod ni’n medru gweld sut y medrwn ni eu cefnogi neu eu cyfeirio am fwy o gymorth.

Esboniodd Helen: “Mae CGGSDd yn fudiad bach sy’n hwb ac yn gatalydd, yn ogystal ag yn llais i’r sector, ac rydym ni’n hapus i ystyried ceisiadau penodol a gweld a fedrwn ni weithio gyda’n gilydd. Tra na fedrwn ni wneud ceisiadau cyllid ar ran mudiad gan nad oes gennym ni’r adnoddau, rydym ni’n cynnal cymorthfeydd cynllunio ac yn darparu mynediad at gyngor a chymorth, ac yn hwyluso rhwydweithio a chyfleoedd dysgu. Rydym ni bob amser yn ceisio gwneud ein gorau glas, ac os na fedrwn ni gynorthwyo’n uniongyrchol rydym ni’n cyfeirio at fudiadau eraill sy’n medru rhoi cymorth neu’n tynnu sylw at gyfleoedd eraill. Mae gennym ni hefyd asedau a’r gwagle i’w ddefnyddio yma yng Nghanolfan Naylor Leyland ac rydym ni bob amser yn awyddus i sgwrsio gyda phobl ynghylch cyfleoedd partneriaeth.

Gofynnwn i unrhyw un sy’n cynnal gweithgareddau/digwyddiadau yn ystod Wythnos Gwirfoddolwyr anfon neges e-bost at Don, neu ei ffonio ar 01824 709334 fel bod modd eu cynnwys yn y Bwletin a’r datganiad i’r wasg ynghylch Wythnos Gwirfoddolwyr.

Anogir unrhyw un â syniadau ar gyfer Wythnos Gwirfoddolwyr i gysylltu gyda CGGSDd trwy

Penawdau’r eitemau eraill a drafodwyd:

  • Bydd rhai aelodau tîm CGGSDd yn #gwirfoddoli gyda Dinbych yn ei Blodau yn ystod #WythnosGwirfoddolwyr ac yn cynorthwyo gyda’r gwaith o gynnal a chadw’r gwelyau blodau yn Ninbych. Ac mae gan rai ohonom ni gynlluniau i gefnogi peth o’r gweithredu dan arweiniad gwirfoddolwyr yn Rhuthun.

  • Bydd CGGSDd yn galw am #WirfoddolwyrSirDdinbych ac yn hyrwyddo gwirfoddoli gyda safle ICAN Ysbyty Glan Clwyd yn ystod Wythnos Gwirfoddolwyr gan fod y niferoedd yn isel ar hyn o bryd. Cytunodd CGGSDd, ICAN a Lon Mosely y byddent yn cyfarfod i drafod y cyfle i gydweithredu ar gyfer Wythnos Gwirfoddolwyr ym mis Mehefin.

  • Bydd y Ganolfan Sgiliau Coetir ym Modfari yn rhoi manylion i CGGSDd ynghylch eu cyfleoedd gwirfoddoli a bydd CGGSDd yn hyrwyddo hyn trwy ein rhwydweithiau a’n platfformau cyfryngau cymdeithasol. Anogir yr holl aelodau i gofrestru eu cyfleoedd gwirfoddoli trwy gyfrwng

  • Hefyd cytunodd Canolfan Cydweithredfeydd Cymru a CGGSDd y byddent yn cydweithio i ddarparu hyfforddiant cynhwysiad digidol i wirfoddolwyr, y gellid ei ddefnyddio hefyd fel cyfle i ddangos i bobl sut i ddefnyddio’r adnoddau digidol ar wefan ac InfoEngine. Y nod yw cael rhagor o hyfforddiant cyn diwedd Mehefin a chynnig yr hyfforddiant hwn trwy gyfrwng Drysau Agored ar ôl 1 Gorffennaf.

Ar ôl y drafodaeth hon cyfeiriodd Helen Wilkinson y drafodaeth tuag at y wefan newydd ei hailddylunio a dangosodd yr adnoddau digidol rhagorol ar gael i wirfoddolwyr.

Nod y safle newydd yw denu sylw pobl sy’n chwilio am gyfle gwirfoddoli gwych yn Sir Ddinbych mewn modd cyfeillgar, a chynyddu eu hymwybyddiaeth am Gyngor Gwasanaethau Gwirfoddol Sir Ddinbych a’r rhwydweithiau a’r cymorth y medrwn ni eu cynnig. Mae’n blatfform gwych hefyd i fudiadau gwirfoddol hybu eu cyfleoedd gwirfoddoli. Dyluniwyd y wefan i fod yn hawdd ei defnyddio a’i darllen, gan osgoi jargon gymaint ag y bo’n bosibl.

Byddem yn croesawu awgrymiadau ar gyfer gwella ymehllach gan ein bod yn parhau i weithio ar y wefan. Mae gennym ni fersiwn Gymraeg hefyd ar gyfer gwirfoddolwyr a mudiadau yn unol â’n Datganiad a’n Cynllun Gweithredu’r Gymraeg.

Rydym ni’n gobeithio y bydd yn dod yn gartref naturiol i #WirfoddolwyrSirDdinbych dros amser, felly mae angen i ni sicrhau bod y wefan yn cael ei defnyddio gymaint ag y bo modd. Mae’n gyfrwng gwych i farchnata a recriwtio gwirfoddolwyr.


Am y tro cyntaf yng nghyfarfodydd Rhwydwaith Trydydd Sector #Gwirfoddolwyr Sir Ddinbych cafwyd ymweliad gan Uchel Siryf Clwyd sydd newydd ei phenodi, Stephanie Catherall, a roddodd gyflwyniad cryno i’w rôl a soniodd am Wobrau’r Uchel Siryf hefyd. Mae rôl yr Uchel Siryf dros 1,000 o flynyddoedd oed, a chafodd Stephanie ei phenodi i’r swydd gan y Frenhines. Mae Stephanie yn ymfalchïo yn ei chefndir busnes ac mae’n awyddus i ddatblygu cysylltiadau rhwng busnesau lleol a’r sector gwirfoddol a chymunedol yn ystod ei blwyddyn fel Siryf.

Mae hi’n gobeithio cefnogi Helen a CGGSDd wrth symud ymlaen, gyda Gwobrau’r Uchel Siryf fel yr uchafbwynt, sef y digwyddiad olaf yn ystod ei blwyddyn yn y swydd ym mis Mawrth 2020. Mae hi’n awyddus i gynyddu ymwybyddiaeth ynghylch y gwobrau – a dyna’r rheswm am ei hymweliad cynnar i Sir Ddinbych ar wahoddiad Helen. Fel Uchel Siryf mae Stephanie yn annog enwebiadau gan fudiadau cymunedol i gydnabod gwirfoddolwyr ymhob sir a bydd yn gweithio’n agos gyda’r holl Gynghorau Gwirfoddol Sirol yng ngogledd Cymru i anfon ffurflenni enwebu iddynt oddeutu mis Medi, gyda’r dyddiad cau yn nes at ddiwedd y flwyddyn.

Dywedodd Helen wrth y Rhwydwaith: “Cadwch eich llygaid ar agor am fanylion am y broses enwebu gan fod pobl yn cael gwefr fawr o gael eu henwebu. Gall gweithred fechan o haelioni wneud gwahaniaeth mawr i bobl sy’n gwirfoddoli, ac mae’n bwysig ein bod ni’n dathlu ac yn cydnabod eu cyfraniad. Pan rydych chi’n cyfarfod pobl sy’n gwneud pethau sy’n newid bywydau pobl eraill, meddyliwch amdanyn nhw fel rhai y gellid eu henwebu ar gyfer wobrau’r Uchel Siryf!”

Cynhelir cyfarfod nesaf Rhwydwaith #GwirfoddolwyrSirDdinbych ar 4 Medi 2019. Mae’r ddolen i’r agenda ddrafft yma. Os oes gennych chi unrhyw eitemau agenda ar gyfer ein cyfarfod nesaf, neu os ydych chi’n dymuno rhoi cyflwyniad am eich prosiect neu drafod syniad penodol, anfonwch neges e-bost i ni trwy

Daliwch ati i anfon gwybodaeth a syniadau am weithgareddau ar gyfer Wythnos Gwirfoddolwyr, os gwelwch yn dda!


Cynhelir yr holl gyfarfodydd yn swyddfeydd CGGSDd, Canolfan Naylor Leyland, oni nodir yn wahanol.

Rhwydwaith Trydydd Sector #GwirfoddolwyrSirDdinbych, 10am – 11.30am

4 Medi 2019

29 Ionawr 2020

Trefnwch eich lle yn y cyfarfod nesaf yma neu ffoniwch 01824 702441 i gofrestru eich diddordeb.

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