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Wellbeing News (28) - Dementia Friendly Denbigh

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The Dementia Friendly Denbigh steering group has worked with Alzheimer’s Society Cymru to achieve “Working towards being Dementia Friendly’ status.

In our first year the Dementia Friendly Denbigh steering group are concentrating on 3 areas which are Businesses and Shops, Children, Young People and students and Community, Voluntary, Faith groups and organisations.

The steering group have been working hard to make a difference to people living with dementia in the local area and one of the things we are doing to help raise awareness of Dementia is running public Dementia Friends Sessions twice a month (one in English and one in welsh) in the library and the HWB.

The next stage is a partnership between organisations, community groups, services and residents in and around the town to make Denbigh a Dementia Friendly Community and we are currently engaging with local businesses and groups within Denbigh asking them to make pledges to become more dementia friendly. Once the pledges have been made and approved by the steering group the businesses, shops and organisations will receive a certificate and window sticker to display confirming that they are working towards becoming Dementia Friendly.

We are pleased to announce that we have presented the school Ysgol Y Parc and Denbigh Library with certificates confirming that they are 'working to become Dementia Friendly'.

(The photo's below show the Chair of Dementia Friendly Denbigh, Dilwyn Jones, Presenting certificates to Ms Roberts, the head teacher from Ysgol Y Parc and the staff at Denbigh Library).

Why should you be dementia friendly?

  • It will make a difference to so many people who work in and use our local services, because we all know, actions speak louder than words!

  • Becoming Dementia Friendly isn’t costly or time consuming. It just means understanding a little bit more about dementia.

  • Creating a community where everyone is aware of dementia can make a huge difference to people living with dementia.

Our next public Dementia Friends Sessions are as follows:

  • Monday 11th March at the HWB, Denbigh 6-7pm (English session)

  • Monday 25th March in the Library 4-5pm (Welsh session)

If you are interested in attending one of the sessions or becoming one of the first businesses/ community groups /shops in Denbigh to become affiliated with the Dementia Friendly Steering Group allowing you to display the ‘Working towards being Dementia Friendly’ logo please contact the Secretary of Dementia Friendly Denbigh, Rebecca Bowcott on 01745 508627 or e-mail

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