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Press release (16) - DVSC introduces a new Funding Search Platform as a partner of Third Sector Supp

The new digital platform enables change makers, voluntary and community groups, third sector organisations and social enterprises to find funding opportunities

Finding sustainable funding can be a constant challenge for individual change makers, voluntary and community groups, third sector organisations and not for profit organisations. DVSC whose mission is to build resilient communities through voluntary action and social enterprises is now empowering communities through its user friendly platform which allows people to search and identify appropriate sources of funding more easily.

Developed by Third Sector Support Wales the site enables users to search hundreds of grant and loan finance opportunities from local, national and international sources. You can browse or search for your own organisation, and save information on funding that may be of interest. To register for this new site and receive immediate, free and unrestricted access to our comprehensive database of funding opportunities visit DVSC’s sustainable funding page.

Helen Wilkinson, Chief Executive of DVSC said:

“Our new open source platform puts power in the hands of people and will enable individuals, local voluntary and community groups, third sector organisations and community groups in Denbighshire find the funding they need more quickly than ever before. The search facility helps users to quickly and effectively identify relevant sources of funding.

We are delighted to be able to offer change makers in Denbighshire, our members and local third sector organisations and not for profit organisations a user friendly and efficient platform to search for these sought after funding opportunities. DVSC recognises the importance of easily accessible funding information and hopes that this new platform will make it easier for our members and local organisations to find the funding they need.”

Please click here to start searching hundreds of funding opportunities. In addition to searching for funding opportunities the site includes news items and case studies, as well as links to support, information and guidance. By accessing the platform via the DVSC website you will find information on sustainable funding, good governance, volunteering and enterprise development along with other useful resources including the benefits of becoming a DVSC member, supporter and partner.

If you are an individual or group of individuals, small community group, third sector organisation or social enterprise and want the best chance of securing that all important funding then please contact us here at DVSC. We can provide dedicated support across a whole host of areas. If you visit DVSC’s website, and subscribe for news updates, you can find access further fundraising resources, find out about DVSC’s funding surgeries, grant programmes and support.

Notes to Editors

About DVSC

DVSC is the membership body for individual change makers, volunteers, voluntary and community groups, third sector organisations and social enterprises.

Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council, DVSC, is the County Voluntary Council operating in Denbighshire. Our mission is to build resilient communities through voluntary action, and social enterprise, provide excellent support for our members and to be an influential voice in Denbighshire and North Wales.

DVSC works closely with North Wales CVCs, and is a member of the Wales-wide network of CVCs which in partnership with the Wales Council of Voluntary

Associations (WCVA) forms the partnership that makes up Third Sector Support Wales.

To make sure you are kept up to date when funding opportunities are available make sure to subscribe to our mailing list by following the link - Subscribe for News Updates & Bulletins.

For further information contact Helen Wilkinson, DVSC’s Chief Executive, 01824 702 441 or 07713 997 075 Or Julie Pierce, Marketing and Engagement Officer 01824 709 321

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