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Press release (12) - Launch of new Youth Led Grants Scheme

DVSC’s mission is to build resilient communities through voluntary action, and social enterprise, provide excellent support for our members and to be an influential voice in Denbighshire and North Wales. As a partner in Third Sector Support Wales, we are managing a pilot programme enabled thanks to Welsh Government funding. The pilot involves distributing Youth Led Grants in Denbighshire with a panel of young people from Denbighshire put in the lead as decision makers. You can read the press release about our Youth Panel here.

The Youth Panel will review applications and make funding decisions on DVSC’s Youth Led grants. Damon Jones, DVSC’s Membership and Business Support Administrator, who joined DVSC two years ago and is himself 21 years old, will chair the panel and coordinate the decision making process.

DVSC’s Denbighshire Youth Led Grants scheme has a new set of priorities, in line with the wellbeing goals, and is being run as a pilot between now and the end of March 2019.

The Youth Led Grants scheme will support a range of small volunteering projects and activities, involving young people which are based around five priority areas, early years, better mental health, housing, skills and employability, and social care, identified by Welsh Government which have the potential to make the greatest contribution to long-term prosperity and well-being. Grants of up to £400 will be available meaning that a minimum of 10 voluntary and community groups involving young people would benefit.

Helen Wilkinson, DVSC’s Chief Executive says: “With the Future Generations and Wellbeing Act in mind, it is timely that we focus on investing resources in young people and put young people in the lead as decision makers. This is not just about the way we engage young people in volunteering opportunities, it is about meeting the needs of the new generation and genuinely empowering them as decision makers, influencers, and change agents in their communities. We are committed to investing resources and empowering young people."

If you are interested in making an Application please visit the page on our website for a copy of the Application form and guidance notes or call Damon Jones, Membership and Business Support Administrator on 01824 702441. The deadline for applications is the 25/1/19 and applicants will be told if they have been successful by the 8/2/19.

If you have any questions about making an application please contact Damon Jones, our Membership and Business Support Administrator, on or 01824 702441

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