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Wellbeing News (25) - Message from BCUHB on ICAN Centres

As part of our service commitment to promoting and supporting individual and community wellbeing in the County, we share the information below with you.If you believe this is a priority area for further discussion at DVSC’s Wellbeing network meetings or Membership Forum do let us know. In the meantime, please read on, and make your views known. If you want to find out more about infoengine, a platform developed by the third sector for the third sector, then visit our infoengine page.


Message From Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and the Third Sector are working in partnership developing three ICAN Centres across North Wales which will be based at the Maelor, Glan Clwyd and Bangor hospital sites for an initial 4 month period to undertake Proof of Concept testing. The learning gained from this trial will inform how we progress in rolling out ICAN Centres across the community and away from the hospital settings.

The ICAN Centres will offer emotional support, signposting and a listening ear on a nightly basis between the hours of 5pm and 2am. People suitable to attend the ICAN Centres are:

“people aged 16+ who has emotional and / or social distress and who doesn’t have an acute need to be treated by an Emergency Department and / or Mental Health Practitioner, who presents at the Emergency Department via Ambulance, the Police or by their own means”.

Admittance / Access to the ICAN Centres would usually be via Emergency Department Triage, however the ICAN Centres will have an open-door policy and will support people who arrive at the Centre looking for support. A close relationship will be maintained between the ICAN Centres, the ED Department and the Psychiatric Liaison Service, which will allow people to be supported depending on their needs and situation.

Although based in the hospital this service will be run by 3rd sector organisations who have significant experience, training and expertise of working with people who are in crisis and are experiencing emotional distress, and a vast local knowledge of relevant services, which are all vital requirements to deliver this service.

The start dates for each Centre will be:

West: Ysbyty Gwynedd 27 December

East: Ysbyty Maelor 3 Ionawr

Central: Ysbyty Glan Clwyd 8 Ionawr

Paid staff duties will include:

  • Collecting people from the Emergency Department and bringing / escorting them to the ICAN Centre

  • Completing a registration / information form on arrival at the ICAN Centre

  • Collecting the registration forms from ED at the beginning of the shift and returning blank and completed ones to ED at the end of the shift

  • Supporting, talking and listening to individuals who are distressed and need emotional support

  • Having a good local knowledge of existing statutory and voluntary specialist services who can offer further support

  • Completing emails for referrals and looking for information on the internet

  • Supporting the individual through their own organisation when possible

If your organisation would be interested in being part of the ICAN Centres please read the further information below:

  • The ICAN Centre would need a minimum of 6 people to operate on a nightly basis, consisting of 2 paid members of the team and 4 volunteers.

  • The ICAN Centre will pay a nightly wage of £9.50 per hour to all paid members and pay travelling costs of 45p p/mile (up to a distance of 15 miles each way) to Volunteers.

  • All ICAN Centre team members must have an up to date ENHANCED DBS certificate, relevant POVA / Safeguarding training, and use your organisation’s Employers Indemnity Insurance

For further information please contact Meinir Evans, Project Co-ordinator on or telephone 07792235580

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