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Sector Support (18) - Small Grant Fund Opportunities from Big Ideas

As part of our Sector Support service, we share information which we hope you will find helpful and interesting. We welcome opportunities to work in partnership, so if you are a member or partner with suggestions about services or training that would enhance our offer to members and the social enterprise sector in Denbighshire, then contact us. In the meantime, read more here and join us as a voice for change in Denbighshire…


Small Grant fund Opportunities from Big Ideas

Big Ideas have a number of Grant funds available up to £200. Big Ideas delivers community and education projects locally, nationally and globally. You can read a bit about each Fund below and for more information and how to apply please click the links

Remember RAF100

Remember RAF100 marks the formation of the RAF and commemorates air service personnel who lost their lives in World War One. Schools, families, community groups and more across the UK are invited to join the project to mark the centenary of the Armistice, discover local history and commemorate the contributions of air force personnel. Groups that take part can illustrate specially commissioned poems and create a unique poetry book for the project which can be shared with their communities. Groups can also explore their local history and commemorate air service personnel using the Remember RAF100 database.

Free resources and an expenses scheme are available. Find out more at

The Unremembered: World War One’s Army of Workers

The Unremembered is a national campaign to remember World War One’s army of workers – the Labour Corps. Many died, yet today their contribution and sacrifice is rarely acknowledged. Historical researchers have been commissioned to unearth unknown local heritage by researching local Labour Corps history across the UK. Groups can engage with this local heritage to discover and share these stories, plan their own commemorative events, and remember them 100 years on from the end of the conflict.

Free resources and an expenses scheme are available. Find out more at

Trailblazers: World War One’s Inspirational Women

Trailblazers encourages young people to explore the incredible lives of women from the First World War, to discover Trailblazing women in your locality, and to develop as future Trailblazers. Schools and community groups across the country can research a contemporary Trailblazer in your local community and host an exhibition celebrating the incredible achievements of women today.

Free resources and an expenses scheme for small-scale funding are available. Find out more at

Tull100 — No Barriers

Join Tull100 and take part in the No Barriers medal challenge to make your community more inclusive and stand up to discrimination. Tull100 celebrates and commemorates Walter Tull, one of Britain’s first black professional footballers and the first person of black heritage to become an officer in the regular British Army. The project focuses on equality and opportunity inviting groups to earn special ‘No Barriers’ medals in memory of Walter Tull. Get involved in football matches, hold discussions about what it means to have No Barriers, make murals, write letters and more.

Free resources and an expenses scheme are available. Find out more at

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