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Sector Support (16) - Funding Opportunity News

Funding Opportunity News

Dear Colleagues,

Please read the information below for a brief overview of a new funding round for environmental projects recently announced by Welsh Government (ENRaW). The fund focuses mainly on biodiversity and green infrastructure. It is only open to cross-sector partnership projects and combines previous schemes covering local authority environmental funding and third sector funding.

DVSC is interested to work with members and partners interested in working together to submit a proposal so please do get in touch!

Debbie Neale, or


As part of our Sector Support service, we share information which we hope you will find helpful and interesting. We welcome opportunities to work in partnership, so if you are a member or partner with suggestions about services or training that would enhance our offer to members and the social enterprise sector in Denbighshire, then contact us. In the meantime, read more here and join us as a voice for change in Denbighshire…

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