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#DenbighshireVolunteers (3) - DVSC's Active Inclusion Project - Update

DVSC's Active Inclusion Project - Update

With the project hitting its 1st anniversary #teamDVSC were pleased to welcome Morgan Armstrong, Performance Officer from the WCVA Active Inclusion Team, to our Friday Open Doors session recently.

By joining us and some participants at our weekly session Morgan was able to get more insight into the work we do to help people overcome personal barriers and take the next steps towards employment and improved wellbeing in a mutually supportive environment. Whilst Morgan can access daily statistics linked to the project (number of people engaged/qualifications etc) it is only through conversations with participants that the real benefits of engaging with the project can be seen.

We were pleased to receive his report; in particular his feedback on conversations with participants:

“They all spoke highly of the support they had received when on the project, and it was both humbling and heartening to listen to their life stories. One of them had actually left the project and was working as a volunteer supporting families involved in court cases; however he still turned up when he could as he enjoyed the social side” commented Morgan.

“Another participant was about to take up a volunteering position involving catering at a nearby home and to top it all, the final participant turned up towards the end of the session as she had been to an interview and from what she was saying (‘they asked me to bring in my passport on Monday’) it sounded like they were about to offer her a job. She did have concerns about the location of the job and it was fantastic to listen to DVSC staff and indeed other volunteers rally around her with suggestions around public transport and even offers of a lift”

Helen Wilkinson, Chief Executive of DVSC said: “I am delighted that Morgan had this opportunity to witness the life changing effects of this service which cannot be demonstrated fully through numbers alone and I am extremely proud of the support and service our Active Inclusion Team provides, and particularly proud of all the hard work and success of our participants.

If you want to know more about our Active Inclusion Project and how we can support you or individuals that you support visit our website and get involved or email


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