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#DenbighshireVolunteers Third Sector Network meeting 5.9.18 - News Update

Thanks to all who attended the #DenbighshireVolunteers Third Sector Network on 5th September.

The aim of this Network is to proactively lead on and facilitate initiatives to improve the involvement of volunteers in Denbighshire. The group focuses on a number of key areas such as increasing the pool of volunteers, establishing good practice in relation to volunteer involvement and raising the profile of volunteering and the third sector among key stakeholders.

Membership of the Network is open to representatives of Third Sector organisations in Denbighshire and volunteers from these organisations, including but not limited to DVSC members. The network is open to all third sector organisations, social enterprises and community groups operating in Denbighshire.

During the meeting we gave a briefing on a new community led programme facilitated by DVSC on helping communities to become Dementia Friendly, which DVSC is currently awaiting final approval from the Welsh Government. We also gave an update on Youth Volunteering and the new digital platform and attendees shared information about their current programmes and activities.

As the membership body for the third sector in Denbighshire, and the leadership body promoting voluntary action and social enterprise in Denbighshire, we very much welcome your views and opinions on key issues.

We would love to increase the number of participants attending this Network, so join us and become part of a movement for change in Denbighshire.

If you have agenda items that you would like included for the next meeting please do let us know.

Action points from the meeting held on Wednesday September 5th

  • Contact Rod regarding presenting at the next Network meeting on the Woodland Skills Centre Social Prescribing Projects. Emma to include on agenda for 12th November. Deadline - 12th September 2018 - Actioned

  • DVSC to produce an update on the Dementia Project and promote this through the website Blog once funding has been approved. [Longer term will provide additional information sheets as the project progresses]. Deadline - Once approval from Welsh Government is received

  • Anyone interested in finding out more about the Dementia Awareness Raising Community Led Programme, or has ideas regarding potential ideas for projects, please contact Emma Gray on or phone 01824 702 441. Deadline - Ongoing

  • Jane Walsh CTAUK to produce information regarding the strategic work being undertaken on Community Transport – asking for feedback from members and stakeholders for DVSC to publish on the website Blog. Deadline - 14th September 2018

  • DVSC to find out what the legal age is for a person on a board of Trustees to be able to make financial decisions. Deadline - 12th September - Actioned

[You must be at least 18 years old to be a charity trustee (16 if your charity is a company or charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)).

Some people are disqualified by law from acting as charity trustees. Subject to waiver provisions, this includes anyone who:

- has an unspent conviction for an offence involving dishonesty or deception

- is currently declared bankrupt (or is subject to bankruptcy restrictions or an interim order) or - - has an individual voluntary agreement (IVA) with creditors

- is disqualified from being a company director

- has previously been removed as a trustee by either the commission or the High Court due to misconduct or mismanagement]

  • Rod Waterfield, Woodland Skills Centre to produce an article for the next Wellbeing Bulletin (October edition) on the Open College Network (OCN) Level 1 developments around Social Forestry and Social Prescribing for 14-18 year olds as volunteers. Deadline for Bulletin submission -28th September

  • Circulate who the Funders are coming to the Funding Surgery on the 14th November. Deadline - 12th September

  • Infoengine - All members to list organisation services / activities / events on info engine and/or enable the info sharing between Dewis and Infoengine. For more information, follow the link here Deadline - Ongoing

  • To keep informed and to receive information from DVSC please like/follow DVSC on social media, and subscribe to the blog. Deadline - Ongoing

  • If anyone has any specific agenda items for future meeting or wants to deliver a presentation, please email – Deadline - Ongoing

To View the Draft Agenda for the next meeting on Wednesday 21st November please click here

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