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Sector Support (8) - DVSC Tips on Good Governance

DVSC Tips on Good Governance

Since 2016, the Board of DVSC has been on a journey of improvement with a governance review undertaken by the new Chief Executive in three main stages - the first focussed on refreshing the Articles of Association, and setting time limits on trustee appointments in line with best practice; the second focussed on introducing a transparent, streamlined and proportionate decision making structure involving all trustees, supported by refresher training and an induction process with the third focussing on improving risk management and introducing a trustee code of conduct. The current focus is on succession planning, and enhancing standards of good governance on a 'better business as usual' model. We are currently working on our enterprise development as part of our own transformation agenda and ongoing improvement in governance is a key feature.

Our Trustees all commit to DVSC's Trustee code of conduct which is also available to our members as a template. DVSC, as part of Third Sector Support Wales, has endorsed the Charity Governance Code and is actively promoting this as a practical tool to help charities and trustees develop high standards of Governance. Read more about the Code here.

As part of our Sector Support service, we share information which we hope you will find helpful and interesting. We welcome opportunities to work in partnership, so if you are a member or partner with suggestions about services or training that would enhance our offer to members and the social enterprise sector in Denbighshire, then contact us. In the meantime, read more here and join us as a voice for change in Denbighshire…

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