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Wellbeing News (1) - All Wales Social Prescribing Research Network 12.9.18

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All Wales Social Prescribing Research Network

The All Wales Social Prescribing Research Network will be hosting its 2nd meeting in Reichel Hall, Bangor University, LL57 2TR on the 12th September, 2018, 10:00 – 16.00. The meeting will focus on one of the network’s research priorities ‘What does good look like? What are the critical success factors for Social Prescribing?’

The purpose of the day is to identify good practice and start the process of developing a common outcomes framework. We would like to find a service who would be willing to work with us towards submitting a large grant application based on the findings of the day.

In doing so the network invites all those participating in a social prescribing initiative to submit a ‘Story on a Slide’ (SOS) accompanied by a 100 word abstract to by 19th August. The single slide and the abstract will not include a large description of your service but information you have on what outcomes/data/ other information you collect to identify what is good about your service. Font size should be no smaller than 20 for the single slide.

Prior to the meeting the Network steering group will invite some services to present their slides on the morning of the 12th September. Notification to successful participants will be made by the 31st August. All submitted SOS and abstracts will be displayed at the meeting, and we hope that this event will be the beginning of a debate around outcomes, effectiveness and identifying critical success factors that will grow to involve all social prescribing schemes across Wales.

Please click here to view the agenda

Please could you confirm your attendance with Fiona Harris – noting any dietary or other requirements by 5 September

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