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Sector Support (7) - DVSC Funding Alert

Denbighshire Welsh Church Acts Fund

DVSC Manages the Denbighshire Welsh Church Acts Fund and we are now accepting applications to the Denbighshire Welsh Church Acts Fund. The deadline for applications is 31/10/18

Grants of up to £300 are available for Projects:

1. Relating to or based in church run premises - in keeping with the investment source of the fund

2. On the theme of (mitigating the impact of) dementia (on those who have the condition, their carers and support groups) – while a specific diagnosis is not required for every participant a ‘token’ representation would not be acceptable

3. On the theme of loneliness and isolation – older people and the disabled are most prone to be in such circumstances but other groups should not be discounted, e.g. young carers

4. Promotes wellbeing (being aware, connecting, exercising, learning, giving back) – the 5 Ways to Wellbeing is a widely recognised approach – projects may incorporate all five elements, some or might major on one element for their project

5. Supporting people with learning disabilities – offering new experiences and stimuli, as well as integration/participation in mainstream activities

Please find the bilingual Application Guidance and Application Form by clicking the link here

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