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Influencing Opportunity (1) – Welsh Government consultation on Adult Learning in Wales

As part of our commitment to influencing and engaging, we have been asked to share the information below with you.

If you believe this is a priority area for further discussion at one of DVSC’s network meetings or Membership Forum do let us know. In the meantime, please read on, and make your views known.


Welsh Government consultation on Adult Learning in Wales

Welsh Government is consulting on proposals to restructure the delivery and funding of community-based adult learning in Wales.The consultation focuses on two main elements:

  • Delivery - how community-based adult learning is currently delivered and whether there are different ways that we could do this.

  • Funding - how we currently allocate the £4.3m within the Community Learning Grant; and whether there are different options for simplifying the system and making providers more accountable for their provision.

The aim of the consultation is to establish an improved system of allocating the funding fairly and equitably, and a system of delivery that supports the priorities outlined within the Adult Learning in Wales policy, published in July 2017. The goal is to ensure all eligible learners in Wales have equal access to the essential skills provision funded by Welsh Government.

Some issues within the consultation of particular interest to the third sector may include:


  • Which of the delivery models outlined in Chapter 1 of the paper would best support engagement with the Third Sector?

  • What changes would need to occur to improve current engagement levels?

  • How do the current partnership arrangements impact on the participation opportunities for the Third Sector? How could they be improved?


  • Which of the funding options outlined in Chapter 2 of the paper would best support engagement with the Third Sector?

  • Could the way that we distribute the funding of the Community Learning Grant better facilitate engagement with the Third Sector?

  • Is there anything we could do differently in relation to the way that we allocate the funding that would improve the opportunities for the Third Sector to be engaged?

The consultation document is available here, with responses invited by 10 September.


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