The Volunteer Centre at DVSC

The Volunteer Centre is a core activity of DVSC and is funded through the Welsh Government Core Grant to DVSC and a GwirVol Youth grant .

Our staff at the  Volunteer Centre support individuals to find voluntary placements that are best suited to their skills and interests.

We help Volunteer Involving Organisations by promoting their vacancies  on the  Volunteering Wales website and finding suitable volunteers for them. Please use the link: http://www.volunteering-wales.net/ We provide good practice to Volunteer Involving Organisations and act as advisors to groups working towards the ‘Investing in Volunteers’ quality standard.

There is no age limit and no minimum time commitment to being a volunteer, however, if you are in receipt of benefits it is advisable to speak to your JCP adviser before accepting a volunteer placement.

Registering with the Volunteer Centre has many benefits:

For Individuals:

  • Using your skills and experience to help others
  • Learning new skills
  • Meeting people and making new friends
  • Work experience to help find paid employment

For Volunteer Involving Organisations:

  • Receiving information and advice on good practice, current legislation and new developments
  • Information and Advice on the ‘Investing In Volunteers’ Quality Standard.   http://iiv.investinginvolunteers.org.uk/inyourcountry/iiv-wales/31
  • Request training  to help support the development of volunteers
  • Volunteering Support Network

Volunteer and Wellbeing Team

Lisa Williams is Head of Volunteering, Wellbeing and Sector Support and can be contacted on Tel:  01824 709317 Email: lisa@dvsc.co.uk 

Jackie Evans is the Volunteering, Wellbeing and Engagement Facilitator and can be contacted on:  Tel: 01824 709322    Email: volunteer@dvsc.co.uk/engagement@dvsc.co.uk  Jackie acts as the first point of customer contact for volunteer led enquiries for DVSC whilst maintaining the database, website systems and social media channels that support volunteering, well being and other engagement activity. Refers volunteers over 25, via the Volunteering Wales website to their chosen organisation.  http://www.volunteering-wales.net/

Gerry Frobisher is the Volunteering and Wellbeing Development Officer – Youth Lead Tel:  01824 709319   email: gerry@dvsc.co.uk Gerry refers volunteers under 25, via the Volunteering Wales website to their chosen organisation. http://www.volunteering-wales.net/

If you are a young person or an organisation that supports young people up to the age of 25, especially if you have not had the experience of volunteering before, we would really like to hear from you.

Emma Gray is the Volunteering and Wellbeing Development Officer – Active Inclusion Lead  Tel: 01824 709320, Email to: emmag@dvsc.co.uk Emma works with people over 25 who need additional support to enter volunteering. As part of this Emma is the Active Inclusion Project Officer, supporting individuals who are long term unemployed and interested in volunteering or undertaking FREE training to boost their skills. The current Active Inclusion project started in October 2015 and runs till March 2017 and supports individuals who meet the criteria and live in South Denbighshire.  Emma will also be working with volunteer involving organisations to enable them to support more volunteers with additional support needs. Emma works closely with other support agencies to provide volunteering opportunities to a broader beneficiary group in an equitable and diverse manner.

Jane Wilson is currently a volunteer with the Volunteer Centre providing administrative support to the Centre. Email to:  jane@dvsc.co.uk

If you are  interested in volunteering with us here in the Volunteer Centre please email: volunteer@dvsc.co.uk or telephone 01824 702441