Message from Helen Wilkinson, DVSC’s Chief Executive

As DVSC’s new Chief Executive, I am writing to invite you to attend the first meeting of DVSC’s #Denbighshire Volunteers Third Sector Volunteering Network.   The meeting is scheduled to take place on 30 January at DVSC offices, 10-12:00 to be followed by tea and coffee.

I very much hope that the #Denbighshire Volunteers Third Sector Volunteering network will become a useful peer to peer forum for third sector organisations to share knowledge learning and experience, hosted and facilitated by DVSC but owned by us all and we look forward to briefing you on all our activities and how we can support you, as well as hearing from you on what you need.

I would be grateful if you can confirm your interest in attending this meeting with Jackie Evans, DVSC’s Volunteering, Wellbeing  and Engagement Facilitator as soon possible in the new year.

Thanks in advance


Helen Wilkinson 

Prif Weithredwr, CGSDc /Chief Executive Officer, DVSC

Ffôn/Tel – 07957 684 079