Dear Colleague

DVSC has a great starter opportunity for young people aged between 16-25 years old living in Wales. Candidates interested in applying to work for DVSC as a Development Assistant in a role which will involve business support and development, alongside assisting the busy volunteering, well-being and sector support team. Any applicants need to meet the Jobs Growth Wales eligibility criteria and to apply via the Careers Wales platform.

 This job opportunity is currently being advertised on 

 The Development Assistant role is Vacancy Reference 36030

 If you type DVSC into the “Search For” section of the Careers Wales platform, it should bring up the job opportunity

Alternatively, fill in the following reference number (36030) in the Reference ID section and again they should show up.

Please share this job opportunity with your networks, friends and family as widely as possible so that as many young people as possible living in North Wales know about this.

If for some reason, you encounter problems identifying this opportunity on the Careers Wales website then please ring DVSC and ask for Damon Jones, DVSC’s Business Support and Marketing Assistant, our first Jobs Growth Wales recruit on 01824 709 321 or at and I will assist in helping interested applicants navigate the Careers Wales platform if necessary.

Many thanks